Cute spaniel mix dog with ginger colored freckles.

A Moment In Time-Goodbye Sweet Ginger

It’s not my fault you have to go. You are not my dog; I don’t have a dog; I don’t even want a dog…but I will miss you. It has been fun having you with me: taking walks and chasing squirrels and wagging our tails together (it’s good for our waistlines).
It is hard to say goodbye.

Knowing that you, in your youthful exuberance, are a danger to her doesn’t help. Aging is hard, and watching it happen is just as hard.

I wish you weren’t going back to that. To someone who keeps a cane on the door to threaten you, because you get so excited and happy when she comes in that it scares her, who threatens you with a fly swatter when you want to play, and who yells at you for barking at things she can no longer hear. It makes me sad to see her that way.

And the sorrow about her makes it that much harder to say goodbye to you.

You are not my dog; I don’t have a dog; I don’t even want a dog. No, I don’t want to take you away from anyone…but I will miss you.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “A Moment in Time.”

4 thoughts on “A Moment In Time-Goodbye Sweet Ginger”

  1. I love the emotion in this post but I am confused (just check out my blog header): Did you take the dog away from the elderly person or take the dog back to them?
    As you can see, I’m concerned more about the dog – I’m just one of those people who have more sympathy for animals than people. I do, however, feel bad about your situation, it must be difficult.


    1. Other family members took the dog back. Someone is staying with them temporarily. Everything is in flux right now. Do not fear for Ginger, she is well loved and the threats are fear speaking, not abuse. It is that someone I know to love animals so well being reduced to threats that makes me so sad.

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      1. I understood that (your last sentence, above) in your post…the sadness at the change in someone as they age…and I am sure they are hurt and sad as well, whether or not they show it.


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