Fool me once…Fool me twice.

I am not big on April Fools Day. I have been fooled too many times with the stakes much higher than a laugh, so I am a bit touchy about lies.
Fool me once = shame on you.
Fool me twice = shame on me…and yet why should I have to spend a bunch of time and energy figuring out what is going on if you are lying to me? I am not the one who is lying.
I wasn’t always so cynical so, in the spirit of fun:
The best April Fool’s joke I ever saw was this. My co-workers Don and Chris, created a fictitious woman named April Eintz who left messages throughout the day for a single guy in our group about wanting to meet him. (This was before email was ubiquitous, so these were hand written phone messages).
At the end of the day a woman came into our cubicle farm and asked Don and Chris where John was and said “tell him April Eintz stopped by.”
Wouldn’t it be fun if I was clever enough to figure out a response like that to real life situations?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Fool Me Once.”

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