Fireplace and cat.

Rekindling the Fire

They lit the paschal fire tonight without me. This is the first time in many years that I have not watched the kindling of that fire and listened to the old stories, from creation to the empty tomb.

Sometimes I believe in God. Sometimes I don’t. But I have a strong belief in rekindling the fire.

We can relight the fire when it goes out. It isn’t a complete redo, the past with its scars is still there, but things can get better, we can improve we can do better into the future. We can light a new fire.

It is now Easter: around the world stories are being told and heard, starting with creation and ending with finding a tomb empty. To quote a wise man, Frederick Buechner if memory serves: “all tombs are empty”.

Tonight I will hit the remote and our gas fireplace insert will start up. It doesn’t have the primeval feel of the new light kindled each year at Easter Vigil, but the cat and I will revel in the warmth of the flames. In some tiny way we connect with the flame that represents life. Happy Easter to all and may the force of life that connects us all be with you. Amen.

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