Life is Good

Karma Chameleon, the song, came out my last year in College. I loved its cheerful tempo.

I don’t know much about karma, not only is it from another culture, but I think I may be more of a dogma girl. I like the idea of a set of rules I can live by. The idea about negotiation makes me fearful, especially if the stakes are high. I am not good at it. I always seem to loose my shirt (figuratively), I like to make people happy and in the heat of the moment I tend to say things based on that instead of what would be in my own best interest.

So I don’t know if karma is about what happens later in this life (although personal experience says that the nicer you are the more you get taken for granted and more and more get demanded from you…not exactly what I thought karma was supposed to be). But if it is about the next life I think I want to be reincarnated as my father’s dog Sam. She really lives the good life. Just spending an afternoon with her on the beach is lovely, maybe that is my good karma.

Sam running on the beach.
Sam running on the beach.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Karma Chameleon.”

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