Styling in Palm Springs-Practical, but not pretty

I will spare you a photo of me. Here in Palm Springs it is sunny, and hot. I have been estivating (the spell checker didn’t like the word but it is a real thing), but I decided that I needed to leave my dark, air-conditioned room for at least a little while. So I drove to an indoor parking garage, had lunch and walked a bit.

I was wearing gym shorts, the short ones, and a tank top, I added a khanga (aka leso). This is a very thin piece of cloth , so it blows around and doesn’t heat me up too much while

  • shading my legs from the sun
  • preventing me from sticking to chairs
  • beautifying the world by leaving a little more to the imagination.

I also carried a sun umbrella that I picked up in a supermarket in China last year to provide shade to my upper half while allowing air flow. Add to that my wide brimmed straw hat and…well let’s just say that no one else was quite so…me. Too bad I didn’t have a teenager along to embarrass!

Khanga, sun hat and sun umbrella.
The elements of style.

It was not an elegant coordinated outfit but I managed to walk about 8 to 10 blocks which gave me a break from hiding in a dark room trying to make phone calls on a phone that doesn’t work. I reloaded my cell phone with minutes so now maybe I can get some answers. For all the information available on the internet I find that I need to interact with humans to get specific information surprisingly often.

Any way this thought occurred to me: both the khanga and the sun umbrella are very practical and, if properly coordinated, could be very attractive fashion pieces. Why are there so many pencil skirts and stiletto heels in the world? You can carry your groceries home, or a jerrycan of water, or your child with a khanga. Try doing that with a pencil skirt!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Style Icon.”

7 thoughts on “Styling in Palm Springs-Practical, but not pretty”

  1. mmm.. i must say, the outfit does look comfortable, but i love.. love pencil skirts. I have never carried a jerrycan of water home in it, but I have definitely gone shopping in heels and pencil skirts one too many times 🙂 The tricky part for me is trying to chase my almost four year old twins. Then, well then, the skirt goes higher :):)


  2. I once traveled with a backpack for 4 months–One of our stops was Bali and the sarongs (like Khangas) I got there were invaluable. They served as nightgown, tablecloth, bedspread, picnic blanket, towel, blouse, skirt, dress, window shade, privacy curtain on bunkbeds in hostels, shawl, sun shade and turban. When my bathing suit was stolen in Sri Lanka, I even made one into a swimsuit.

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      1. I got a one in Kenya the first time I was there, in 1967. I loved it, but I think it got left in a trunk I stored in Australia and the people eventually got rid of everything in the trunk…I actually used it as a wall decoration in Australia–another use!


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