Subjectivity-Compose Yourself Challenge

This post is a response to Cee’s Compose Yourself Photo Challenge: What all well composed photos have in common.

This really was a challenge. I think the vast majority of the well composed pictures I have taken have been by accident. I tend to want to gather all the details of a scene (may be my engineering background to want to get all the facts together).  Also, this week produced rain when I had time to play with my camera.

I tried a couple very different subjects, so the conclusions aren’t universal.

First was “pink sky in morning, sailor take warning”:

The first two pictures were taken with slightly different viewpoints and zoom amounts. The subject I intended was the pink cloud. In the first picture it dominates the scene, but you don’t have a sense of how small an element of the sky it was. In the second the tree branch shadow seems like it was the intended subject but the other trees, street and cars make the picture cluttered and they draw the eye away from the cloud.

The third picture is a cropping of the first picture to test my 20/20 hindsight theory that the branch as a subject and the pink cloud as a backdrop is a better composition choice.

“Come into my parlor”:

I am not sure why, but I like the second picture best. It might be because in the first the sunlight on the web makes it seem as if the web is the subject. In the second the web is there, but the more subtle concentric circles of the web seem to draw the eye to the sunlit spider.

For the emotional challenge I went through old pictures and found some using the same subject: my puppy friend Ginger.

Ginger makes a good subject: she is middle sized, has a very expressive face and nice gingery details. Sam is equally cute but she is so black that it is really hard to get a good picture. Asta, also extremely cute, is kind of a bland color; she is so light that it can be hard to get a picture where both she and the background come out well, she also moves fast so a lot of her pictures are blurry.

2 thoughts on “Subjectivity-Compose Yourself Challenge”

  1. Regarding the spider webs, your assessments are spot on, especially once I viewed them larger. I like your crop on your fist set of photos. The second the branch collide and that it why the branches became your main subject. Very good self assessments. Thanks for playing.

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