Jade Emperor Pavilion


Jade Emperor Pavilion, Yi Shan National Park,
Jade Emperor Pavilion, Yi Shan National Park, Shandong, China


In my opinion no one does ornate like the Chinese. It seems like every inch of some of the temples and buildings you see would be a framed work of art anywhere else. An example of this is the Jade Emperor Pavilion on top of Yi Shan, which is a national park just southwest of Weifang in the Shandong province.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Ornate.”

3 thoughts on “Jade Emperor Pavilion”

    1. It was great. This is a place I never knew existed until we were in the car on our way. While I was in China at the end of October the family of one of my son’s students took us with them on an outing to Mount Yi. I am hoping to pull together and share more pictures and memories from this outing over the next week.

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      1. I will look forward to seeing them. What a fascinating trip and even better when you have someone who lives there showing you the extra special points of interest.


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