Wander on in

With the holidays approaching and life’s many errands and  uncertainties encroaching, I have found myself wishing to be one place. A place that isn’t.

Home. But not the way it is now.

I want to walk into the house and feel at home, not like I have a six months or longer list of things that need to be done just to get to get it clean and comfortable instead of dusty, stained and cluttered.

I have lived in the same house for 28 years. We have made few changes and we haven’t even done much by way of basic maintenance. It has gotten shabby.

Over the last couple of years we have made some changes, mostly to update the basic functionality of the house (having natural gas piped in and replacing a furnace that was almost as old as my mother for one). The most recent upgrade was to bring the electrical service up to code, replacing the knob and tube wiring. That project left several holes in the walls and ceilings, and today they finally finished those repairs.

One room had to be completely empty so they could replace the ceiling, and its contents are in little mounds around the house.  I have carpet cleaners coming Monday, requiring more shifting things about. The carpet is so old now that it won’t look great, but with all the construction over the past few months necessary.

I put a few seasonal decorations out after the workman left this morning, but the overall clutter makes it hard to feel like that was a good idea. I want to get things pulled together but my calendar is as cluttered as the house.

I have been to many wonderful places and there are many more places to go, but right now I would like to run away, and wind up home. Not the way it is now, the way it should be.

This post is a response to The Wanderer Daily Post prompt.

5 thoughts on “Wander on in”

    1. That is The Empress. She rules the roost by snuggling us into submission. She loves boxes so a couple of years ago I made her a Christmas Box she could be in while I was wrapping packages. She looks so cute in it that I have saved it from year to year. She jumps right in when I bring it out.

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      1. Seems like boxes and cats are inseparable 😀 She looks super cute in that photo! and her eyes speak a thousand words, such a beauty. The Empress is a super cool name for her~


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