Predicting my future: Rain in the forecast

Predicting rain during the winter in Seattle is like shooting fish in a barrel. Here is the forecast from today’s paper:

Windy with rain at times. Rainfall amounts a quarter to a half inch possible. (Note: it has already exceeded that!) Highs near 50. Tonight: breezy with showers likely.

Don’t you love how they differentiate between “windy with rain at times” and “breezy with showers likely”?

My near future looks pretty bleak: it is so dark that it could be 5:00 in the evening although it is about noon, the promised rain and wind have arrived, and in less than an hour I have to go out in it. Drive over, walk my Grandma’s dogs, then take her to a doctor’s appointment, by driving on steep slippery streets…yuck!

The picture shows one lonely outside Christmas ornament we put up between storms.

This post is a response to the Daily Post prompt: Life Line

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