This post is a response to Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge: Using 2/3 of your frame.

This challenge was a real challenge. I started by having to look up what “Bokeh” meant. If, like me, you are unfamiliar it is where you try to make the background out of focus. Decent article about it on the Nikon web site: Bokeh for Beginners. The article talks about using aperture control to do this so I had to mess about trying to remember how to do that.

The results are here and in the header:

The weather has been dismal so I did some messing about with still life pictures (not an area of particular interest). In doing that I learned that the light in our house on dark grey days makes things look yellow in pictures, so I had to adjust the white balance. I didn’t get it real good, the cat’s eyes should be greener.

On Saturday the dogs were lazy after a walk on the beach.

Left 2/3
Ginger, Left 2/3

On Sunday I decided to venture out to the farmer’s market, since it was only windy. The market was not as photogenic as I had hoped I took several pictures but none really worked. The better ones were of valiant but misguided cherry blossoms, and a curly hazel. It was hard to get focused pictures because of the wind.

The two best from that expedition:


To my eye this technique works better for close ups, like the animals and flowers, than for things that are farther away like the curly hazel.  In the pictures I liked better, of Ginger and the cherry blossoms there were items actually at the 1/3 grid points as well as the subject taking up 2/3 of the frame.

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