I Fear Another Year has Passed

Fearless Fantasies
If I had no fear it wouldn’t change things much. I am scared of lots of things, but have long since learned to suck it up and soldier on. Fatigue and lack of inspiration are much more limiting to me. This year’s holiday season is a good example of that.

This year I felt “blah humbug” . I like many things about the Christmas season…and I kept trying to get my jingle on.

I got poinsettias and decorated the hearth.


I went to the Gingerbread Village. It was about Star Wars. Felt a bit commercial…and, while clever, many things were a little creepy and violent. Sort of like current events.

I decorated with evergreens.We even got the tree a week earlier than usual.

I baked. The smell was helpful. The inevitable mess less so.


In search of holiday spirit I put together one of my Ravensburger Christmas jigsaw puzzles and read Christmas stories out loud…to the cat.

Everything was jolly but there was something missing. Maybe it was the sad, sad events related to terrorism. Or the feeling I often have that they should rename the holiday “consumer-fest”. The perpetual bombardment of advertising makes me numb…and got me feeling a bit rebellious. I didn’t want to buy anything.

On the plus side we had nice family gatherings, it is nice to see folks, even if it is only once a year.

The holidays are winding down. The ham bones from Christmas Eve’s feast are gently simmering, on their way to becoming New Year’s Eve’s split pea soup.

As always, I seem to think that the week between Christmas and New Year’s is going to be longer than a normal week and expect to get more done (my husband has that week off). Alas, it is just as short as any of them. A few chores done, a few things put away and…poof it’s gone. Just like 2015.

Happy New Year!

5 thoughts on “I Fear Another Year has Passed”

  1. Love the cat sitting in the puzzle box. My previous cat managed to wedge herself into the tiniest spaces.
    Our current tiger finds boxes beneath him – and he prefers the couch 🙂
    Christmas can be a downer for some people. It’s a lot of pressure that’s out there to be happy and indulge. The first Christmas was so much simpler than that. Strangers in an unfamiliar town, no room in the inn and a manger which had to make do for a bed for a small baby boy. Nothing glitzy or glamorous about that…
    Here’s sending some Cheers & Blessings to you for the New Year!


  2. I couldn’t find the holiday spirit this year either. And you’re so right about this week and the whole past year just passing by in a poof. It’s alarming how fast the years fly by now. But at least that means the consumer-fest season passes quickly too. I’m always a bit relieved when it’s over. Love the cat in the box photo!


  3. Never liked Xmas to be honest. The only thing that cheers me up is the holiday period (off work) which allows me to travel, or just sit at home and have hot tea with spices. Just like you, I feel a bit rebellious year after year and I have not bought many presents for the last 10 years. This year has been very different since due to our move to Kenya, here Xmas does not has the same taste. The week went by and I didn`t even notice the season was finished, the big culture changement helped a lot. The happiest at home was definitely our cat having us both my husband and myself entirely to himself! Hope you had a nice beginning of 2016.


    1. Sounds like we have much in common! I think I would like to try Christmas in Kenya. I probably would choose to go to Mulundi Village, where I have visited before and know a few folks, over Nairobi.


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