A Vibrant Ghost of Christmas Past

We are getting ready to have some work done in our kitchen and living room and I have to relocate a lot of sh..tuff. I took a load down to my son’s room (he currently lives in China so his room tends to wind up full of things that actually belong elsewhere when events like remodeling happen.

I walked in with my load of books and saw this:


Two amaryllis bulbs that I have saved from Christmases past had decided to put on a show. On forgets in the off season what gorgeous flowers they have (most of the year they are just leaves.


So beautiful that I wanted to share. Cee’s Flower of the Day

2 thoughts on “A Vibrant Ghost of Christmas Past”

    1. These have bloomed more than once before. I think they are from Christmases 4-6 years back (although time flies and it could be longer). I have a hard time throwing things that are still alive away. They bloom when they want. One year it was around Valentine’s day, obviously this year it was April Fool’s Day.


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