What’s in your suitcase?

I was just thinking about suitcases, traveling and hauling a smallish but pretty heavy one around. Reminiscing about how I used to pack, which was very light and minimally. How appropriate that today’s (or maybe it is yesterday’s or tomorrow’s depending on your time zone) Daily Post prompt is “suitcase”.

I was pretty close to the weight limit on the checked bag and had a full backpack and a tote as well. What happened to me? I used to have one bag, I traveled for three weeks in France using a backpack my sister-in-law called a daypack, we had borrowed it from her because I couldn’t find what I was looking for. Eventually I did, it was a Kelty Moraine, they called it a day-and-a-half pack, I still think it is the best pack ever. I used it for a month long trip to Japan, among others and never felt it was too small, but it wasn’t sufficient for this trip, even though my clothing and toiletries are about the same as ever.

What happened is two-fold: First, I am now going places where I know people, my bag is stuffed with gifts for people. The second thing is technology: I have a laptop computer, a “smart” phone and my camera is much bigger than the little point and shoot I used to carry, and with the devices go chargers, wires, extra batteries. the escalator and

Is the change for the better? Yesterday was a travel day and I lugged my luggage. As I was going along, limping because of a blister I pretty much decided that I need to go back to the old ways. To get from the train to the exit from the station you have to go down three sets of stone steps (kalunk, kalunk, kalunk), through a tunnel with a corrugated stone surface (bzzzzzz), then, still corrugated up a ramp (still going bzzzzz). I was really slow. As the exit came into sight my friend, Emily, came running down to hug me (no idea how she got through security) with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, and a cup of cherry tomatoes. I changed my mind and decided that good friends are worth sore feet and achy muscles now and then. The jury is still out on the technology.

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