Sacrifice to the Kitchen God(dess)

When I first saw this prompt, Sacrifice, I felt like I had nothing much to say, at least that could be said, but as the day, largely sacrificed to emptying our kitchen, went on I realized that this remodel is causing significant sacrifice. The cost of this remodel is over half of what we paid for the whole house…and it isn’t that fancy of a remodel! (It is worth noting that we have lived here for 29 years so the value of money has changed.)

I have cleared my schedule, sacrificing time, so that I can be home for the 6 weeks it is supposed to take. We have spent hours clearing out the kitchen, sacrificing more time (one more hour tomorrow and we are there!). I am sacrificing space in my work room to have an ad hoc kitchen.

For years I have wanted a better kitchen. I do not envy the top chefs or want high end appliances. My goals are to not need to go to the basement to haul up my food processor (or have it living on the dining table) or a can of tomatoes. We are not having walls torn out to get the latest “open concept” design. Just a solid reworking of existing cabinet layout, plus some added counter and cupboard space within the current kitchen floor plan. We are not replacing appliances or the floor.

Confession: I often cry during  visits to my husbands relatives in Texas and the mid-west. They have such beautiful homes…especially the kitchens. None of them seem to cook much (they all claim that they are not cooks, while some are pretty good, but, although I may sound conceited, not better than I am). I cook; I enjoy cooking. Not mostly gourmet, but pretty good for a home cook. I bake. I make jam. I have been known to do prep for fancy teas and other events at our church that serve 100 or more people in my home kitchen. It is less than half the size of the smallest one. When we come home adjusting to our mini kitchen is almost like a form of jet lag. My bachelor father, who has occasionally been known to microwave a Marie Callendar pot pie, has a kitchen about twice the size of mine.

I have traveled in the third world. I do truly appreciate all that we have…but it still has never seemed fair that I have a kitchen that the vast majority of our family and friends would consider inadequate to make coffee or heat up a microwave dinner in, even though I cook. So, right now, we are making some sacrifices to upgrade the kitchen.

I sure hope it feels great when it is done…or I may never hear the end of it from my spouse, who didn’t see anything wrong with the current set up…he doesn’t cook.

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