Let the feast begin!

One week ago tomorrow they completed my kitchen. I am finally able to cook.

Last weekend I brought home a 20 pound box of apricots (it was only $14!) from a fruit stand in the Yakima Valley. So the last few days have been kind of fruity.

Yesterday I had my first “jam session” in the new kitchen, I kicked out two large-ish (5 pints each) low sugar and one small (one pint) no sugar (sweetened with Spenda) batches of apricot jam.

I have been anticipating my new kitchen since before the work started in the usual book addict fashion: I got two cook books, Baking for Two from America’s Test Kitchen and But I Could Never Go Vegan by Kristy Turner. The first I got because I love to bake but since our fledgling flew off I have had to throw out some great, carefully made delicacies. Two of us eat less than half what the three of us did.

The vegan cookbook I saw at Costco, perused and found interesting. I rationalized the purchase (I had no kitchen at the time but my vegan in-laws were due to arrive almost as soon as it was complete). My reasoning was that we have friends and family who are vegan and my husband’s last blood tests showed that his cholesterol and blood sugars are creeping up and I thought a couple of vegan dinners a week might help.

I have been reading those cookbooks for a couple-three months now, anticipating trying out some of the recipes. The kitchen was almost done when the vegan in-laws arrived but stuff wasn’t put back into it and I was not feeling overly energetic so we ate out and snacked.

This week I finally got started using the kitchen: Last night I made a very tasty “Mediterranean tofu scramble”; tonight I tried a Lentil-mushroom loaf (I won’t call it a “meatloaf” even though the author did). Tonight’s loaf was solidly okay, I left out two ingredients, the fennel seed because they didn’t have it at the store and the celery because when I went to my vegetable drawer the celery had melted into a nasty blob (often my fridge will freeze things in the vegetable drawers, celery expecially dislikes this treatment). I opted to do without over going back out into the world. I also put in less than half of the salt called for. I suspicion that these were poor choices and that if I followed the recipe it would be much better.

Tonight I also concocted a pumpkin soup (no recipe, I had to make room in the freezer for the apricots so the pumpkin got thawed out) and sierra cup apricot cobblers that used the drop biscuit recipe from the Baking for Two cookbook.

So the Feast begins. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

4 thoughts on “Let the feast begin!”

    1. I used a pectin by Ball called “RealFruit Low or No-Sugar Needed Pectin”. I’be had it a couple of years so I don’t know if it still available. I used the ratios for no-sugar. I go pretty light on sweetening because we like our jam tangy.


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