Are you kidding?

The morning prompt: Joke didn’t do anything for me…until I bought a cup of coffee to drink while I waited for Dad at the eye doctor. The sleeve on the mug said “Adulting got you down? Your very own Kid Coach can help with that.”

So I get it (after looking it up on line, of course), but can’t help but wonder:is being an adult all that bad?

It pulled my chain a bit because I tend to be “the responsible adult”. As the eldest of three in a moderately dysfunctional family (Quick explanation: a fair amount of benign neglect due to ignorance,  we were loved by all and, so far as I know, no ax murderers. Most of us are a bit quirky.), that eventually turned into a broken home with the three of us shuttled between parents and grandparents, I was “the responsible adult” since long before I was an adult.

I took care of my siblings and sometimes my mother, then my husband and son, and now I also care for my grandmother and, now and again, my father. Yes, it sometimes gets one down, but dreaming things I can’t accomplish and still take care of my responsibilities doesn’t help me. And the idea of “adulting” being negative feels like a slam against what I have done with love so much of my life.

Do we really want a world full of immature, self-centered folks? I don’t think I do. I understood the message but was still turned off by it. A dream is fine but one has to temper enthusiasm with reality, a frog can never fly but it can jump really well. What we really need are creative, inspired adults who balance dreaming with planning, and still make sure that everyone is properly cared for.

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