Un-plugging to recharge

To Recharge takes more than turning off a device, you have to find energy somewhere to add to them. As you move through life you see people in seemingly odd places. You wonder why they are there until you see that they are attached by a cord to an obscure outlet in the wall or floor.

Have you noticed how many apparatuses (apparati?) we carry around to recharge things?We used to throw batteries away. Now we seem to recharge everything…including ourselves. I just got back from a brief train trip to Glacier National Park in Montana (USA).

No driving, no cell phone coverage (there was wifi so it wasn’t totally off the grid). Even though the weather was changeable, it was a very beautiful trip and we came back energized. Soup, biscuits and huckleberry pie at the Two Medicine Grill are a good way to recharge after a walk on a chilly day.

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