Here and Now…and then

One can reasonable argue that I live too much in the Here and Now. I have a basket of un-folded laundry, piles of un-filed papers, boxes of un-albumed photos, un-sorted kitchen items after the remodel…unwritten blog posts. Like it says in the Brandi Carlyle song: “the path of least resistance is catching up with me”. Although perhaps “burying me” would be more accurate.

I used to work with a very wise man, a retired colonel from the army, he would say that while it is important to fight the alligators, it is just as important to put some of your time and resources into draining the swamp. In today’s eco-friendly culture that sounds bad, but his point is relevant: if you never take the time to clear out your closet you will always be wading through the avalanche of things you just shove in to be properly dealt with “someday”. After a summer o f”here and now” I need a serious “swamp draining” program!

This summer I started out, as always, with good intentions. I was going to get photos organized when the weather got hot and I even took an on-line course in Adobe Lightroom to prepare for the task.  I thought the timing was perfect because it ended right around the time the kitchen remodel finished. And we usually have a hot spell where I am stuck at home in the basement trying to keep cool.

The remodel took a bit longer than expected and…My husbands sister and her husband arrived for a visit the day after they finished putting the last cupboard door on! Instead of lovely home cooked meals I had envisioned when we learned they were coming, we snacked and ate out the whole time, because not enough was put back yet. Two months along and the kitchen is functional, but still not all put together.

Summers in Seattle come late and it is “back-to-school” sale time before it really gets started, this year our hottest weather was around the time Halloween stuff started showing up in some stores.

I had a great summer! The cool suits me well. The depression I got last year from hiding in the dark trying to stay cool was not with me this year. I was able to work out all summer which I think helps with that (no weight loss but I feel strong and, for me, energetic).

When the in-laws were here we went to Olympic National Park (I did get one post made about that, I had planned a couple because it was such a beautiful day in a beautiful place.

In early August we spent almost a week at Mount Rainier, near the peak of the wildflowers at Paradise, and they were stunning. I planned to share several pictures in Cee’s flower of the day, think I got one done.

In early September we spent a few days at Glacier National Park, as a belated anniversary trip (you’ve probably gathered that “belated” is how I live!).

Between these trip were a bunch of little trips over to dad’s with my “pups and peops”, and two to the Yakima Valley with my grandma.

She is one big reason for my “here and now” attitude. At 93,  with better health than she has had for a few years I am wanting both to enjoy her company and help her to enjoy life to the fullest.

Right now I am packing for my semi-annual visit to my fledgling, who lives in China. So the massive number of un-sorted and un-finished things will remain so for a little while.. Maybe when I get home I will be full of pent of get-er-done energy, or maybe not. It is hard to give up a pleasant here and now to work through a big old pile of then.


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