My little pumpkins don’t do scary

My little friends are too cute to be scary or Eerie or any of those other macabre side of Halloween words. So one might argue that they did not Transmogrify. But I have a cold so this is about the extent of the day’s creativity.

Here is the Empress, wishing everyone a very nappy Halloween:ksm20161029-halloween01she can’t be bothered to open her eyes all the way. She wishes that the doorbell doesn’t ring to disturb her “magic box” (aka gas fireplace) time so the holiday would be betterif everyone stayed home and took a nap.

Here is grandma with her little pumpkins:ksm20161030-halloween02They can be terrors when they get excited. Ginger likes to dress up, Asta isn’t so sure, but no way you can leave her out.

How come Halloween has become so macabre? It is at a bright red and gold time of year, the heat and humidity has usually abated and the cold and storms haven’t really started yet, although this morning was a bit intimidating but now there is a little blue in the sky. The kids (human and other) are cute in their costumes and it is the one time of year when we practice radical hospitality: opening our doors to all who knock and passing out sweets.

Happy Halloweeeeen!

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