Things were going so well…

Then Grandma fell.

ksm20161118-chen_shourong-02Yesterday we went shopping together and got everything on our list to make the big turkey dinner for Thanksgiving. We felt like we had mastered the shopping challenge. In those bags were a 20 lb turkey, 10 lb of potatoes and many other items.

This morning I was “Walking with Leslie” when my husband came down to say that we had gotten a call from the manager where Grandma lives and that she had fallen and the EMTs were there. I threw on my sweat pants, grabbed my keys and we were off.

We arrived as they were stuffing her into an ambulance. She was lucid, cheerful even but could not move one of her legs. So we grabbed the pups and went off to the hospital. The EMT said we would get there before them, and we may have but I couldn’t figure out where to park in the large complex hospital complex so we actually got into the hospital a bit later than she did.

All that rushing was followed by waiting. She has a broken hip. She may have surgery tomorrow. The pups are curled up on the floor by the fire. The cat is miffed because the pups are here.

The waiting continues. Too much is unknown to make any plans…even about tomorrow.

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