Liminal Conversations

I’m not sure why but I always seem to have my longest conversations over a doorway. Usually as I leave. I know this bugs some people, but others are like me.

I did not used to know Liminal meant. I first heard it in a sermon by Marilyn Cornwell (currently she is rector at Ascension Parish in Seattle). It was about embracing the time and space between. I don’t remember the details but the word and general concept have stayed with me.

Some people are movers and some are settlers. Movers choose change and are more comfortable with doorways than settlers. I tend to be a settler. That means I usually wind up with transitions thrust upon me instead of choosing to move on on my own. Those long conversations might be a way to prolong the settled feeling. They might be because there are only things you can say when a relationship has ended. They might be because the doorway itself triggers ideas that the room doesn’t.

Are you a long goodbye-er? Do you think it is because you like to settle-in?

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