I chose the closed road

…and it made all the difference.

My choices were: go back home, dead end, or road closed. My trusty car is in the picture above, where I parked to do recon.

ksm-20170210-dead_end-01Our area was hit by several rain and wind storms after the snow last Monday, much of which is still slowly melting on Vashon, adding to the storm run off. It has created a very water logged world rife with mud slides and fallen trees. Yes, there are rain drops on the camera lens. The predicted rain was starting as I headed into an area where there were already problems.

But I had walked the road and knew I could get into where I needed to. My car was full of coolers so I could empty the fridge since I knew the power was out (it had been out for two days) and I didn’t figure they would get it on very quickly since they needed to replace a power pole that had snapped. I just didn’t know if something would happen so I couldn’t get out.

ksm-20170211-dead_end-03Just over 24 hours later, however, I came back out, the sun was shining, the power was on and the road was still closed…even though they brought some pretty big equipment in to plant a new power pole last night.

KSM-20170210-Dead_End-01-2.jpgThe county moves, or not, in mysterious ways, but Puget Sound Energy rocks: less than 12 hours from the time I called them about the downed pole they had replaced it, restrung the wires and the power (and heat!) was on.

Cee’s Which Way Challenge.

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