My world

Today has been a bit drippy and out of focus.

My responses to Cee’s Share Your World questions:

When you cut something with scissors, do you move your jaw (as if you were about to chew)? No. I sew, and for many years now I have used special scissors with springs in them that do not aggravate my wrists. When I was in my late 20’s or early 30’s I had a serious bout of pain caused by repetitive motion which lead to chnging scissors and ceasing to hand quilt. I’m so thankful that we are living in times where there are so many nifty inventions that make sewing and other arts and crafts easier than they once were.

Do you chew your pens and pencils? No. My peculiar pencil/pen habit is that I have to hold one to think. I don’t do this as much as I used to (maybe I don’t think as much), but I have been known to type left handed so I can jot or sketch things down with my right hand.

Are you a collector of anything?  If so what? Good question. I have a few collections: rubber stamps, fabric, dolls, and lots and lots of books; however, I do not actively collect anything. The rubber stamps were originally gifts, since I do occasionally make cards and gift tags I added a few stamps and fancy accouterments like embossing powders and a heat gun. The dolls are from my childhood (when I did collect them) and live in a chest since I have no display space. The fabric is from when I sewed more than I do now. These days I try to do “challenge sewing” where I challenge myself to sew from my stash without extra purchases (extra points if I don’t buy thread or buttons). We do read, about anything and everything. The only thing the books have in common is that they are on paper. We’ve never made the move to electronic books. As a result of the books we also have an eclectic collection of book shelves.

What size is your bed? Full (a.k.a., double). We like space to walk around and we live in a small house. This is only possible at this point because Ginger has short legs. If both dogs and the cat could get up on the bed, we might have to rethink our strategy. For now only the cat is allowed on the bed.  (Technically we do not have any dogs, but my grandmother’s are staying with us indefinitely.)

Gratitude: Last week was a blur, but it ended well, after a grueling drive to and through Portland (5 hours versus the normal 3.5), we had a lovely visits with an old friend in Beaverton and my sisters in Oregon City. Finally got to go out on the sailboat they have had for over a year now. There wasn’t much wind but Stephanie took us to see some cool houseboats around Hayden Island.

We brought Grandma’s pups home with us. They’ve been hanging out in Oregon since the holidays while we took our trip to South America. It’s more work to have them around, but puppy love is a wonderful thing.

Looking ahead: This week’s goal is to catch up on the home front…and I am planning a trip to China this spring. Planning is always a lot of fun. Having an outing to look forward to helps me stay positive in the face of chilly, grey drippiness and stubborn, willfully misguided relatives.

Here’s hoping your world is as happy as mine!

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