Collage of the mountain


I’m not much of a collage person, so this week’s challenge was a challenge. After humming and hawing I decided to try something totally new to me> making a digital collage of photographs. Here is a collage I made using Gimp from 5 of the pictures I took at Mount Rainier last week. I obviously have a lot to learn, and need to practice a lot but it was fun to try something new.

4 thoughts on “Collage of the mountain”

    1. We didn’t get there until the 11th. We meet friends there annually for a few days at Paradise. Every year is different, in past years we have seen the lupines in full magnificent glory and this year the stars, literally, of the show were the avalanche and glacier lilies. I could tell that you had been there just a bit earlier from the amount of snow. It is amazing how fast things change.


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