Three Gorges-Qutang Gorge

Since I didn’t do a thorough job of assigning keywords to my pictures it is taking me some time to sort through my Gorge pictures.

Qutang Gorge

If you are heading down river the first gorge of the three gorges is Qutang Gorge. It starts at the White Emperor City (Baidicheng) and ends at Daxi. Here are some images from two trips through the Qutang gorge. In fall of 2014 my Dad and I went up river and in spring of this year, 2017, my son and I went downriver. The photos with brown water are from the fall of 2014, right after a flood, which washed a lot of soil and trash into the river. The ones from the spring of 2017 are, I’ve been told, the more normal water color.

3 thoughts on “Three Gorges-Qutang Gorge”

    1. A gorge is “a narrow valley between hills or mountains, typically with steep rocky walls and a stream running through it.” The famous Chinese Three Gorges are along the Yangtze River. Prior to the building of the Three Gorges Dam, the water level varied dramatically and the scenery was more dramatic and mountainous than it is today. Today the Three Gorges are along reservoirs from two dams along the Yangtze: the more famous Three Gorges Dam is the cause of the reservoir in the Qutang and Wu gorges. The proof of concept dam for the Three Gorges Dam, built in Yichang City is the cause of the reservoir in the Xiling Gorge. Sorry, I didn’t note the name of that dam.

      To actually answer your question: they are similar to fjords physically, but fjords are salt water inlets, often occurring where rivers pass from mountains into the sea. I did a quick check on Wikipedia and it says that fjords are formed by glacial erosion.


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