Twelve Months of 2017

December 2017


These are a few pictures I selected to give a sense of how I’ve experienced December. I experimented with noise reduction settings in Adobe Lightroom to try and soften these. In Seattle in winter the light levels are fairly low so pictures often have a grainy texture. This setting can sometimes be used to give an almost painting-like feel to pictures.

More explanation:

I’ve been working on a family calendar for 2018. I started it three times but kept getting interrupted. It takes time to go through the many photos I take most months. I decided to do a push to get the calendar finished: it is something my grandmother and father really like (I use Mixbook, which allows me to add family birthdays which is a useful feature. No doubt other companies do as well. I find it easier to stick with one outfit since I’ve gotten used to the way this one works and the quality is good.)

So I’m using the Twelve days of Christmas to put together one calendar page a day, going backwards from December. As I review photographs taken every month I am hoping to post a gallery for each month. As I do this I’m experimenting with different Lightroom  options and effects.

2017 Favorites

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