Twelve months of 2017-March

The end is in sight.

March had three distinct part for me.

At home

The month was mostly wet and dreary, I played with the macro setting on my camera some.

The Desert

I flew to Arizona to retrieve my father from his winter escape to Quartzsite Arizona.

This was a very rainy year and the greenest I have ever seen the desert landscape, in the 45 or so years I have been going there.



I flew to China a few days after we got back. I spent a day in Beijing. Beijing is way too big for one day, I went to two spots in the Dongcheng  north part of the city: the Lama Temple and Confucius Temple. Just now realizing that I never pulled together posts about those two most visit-able spots.

I was waiting for my son to join me before then we flew together to Chongqing for the start of our downstream Yangtze River Cruise. He was to meet me at the Confucius Temple and I was hanging out where I could see him arrive after he called me from the subway stop.

The background for this: My son stopped getting his hair cut when he left Seattle to study in Japan (where he turned 18) back in 2007. It took me a minute to realize who was coming through the gate, but I’m glad I had the presence of mind to recognize him…and snap a quick one to send to his father.


We flew to Chongqing the next morning, where we embarked on a downstream Yangtze River Cruise through the Three Gorges, we only actually cruised through two of the gorges because of maintenance being performed on the dam. The cruise started on March 31 so the first few pictures belong to March and the rest to April.

If you are interested in the downstream journey check out some of the posts from my most recent trip: April in China or this series of posts specifically about the Yangtze Three Gorges Cruise, which I have done twice, once going upstream and once downstream, Three Gorges.


It was quite a month: a green desert and a shorn son. My heart must be okay or I might have died of shock.

2017 Favorites

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