China A to Z: P is for Parks and Public Squares

Every city that I have been in in China has had spacious, well maintained parks and public square, mostly  called “People’s Square” or a minor variation on it. One of my favorite things to do in China is wander around in these parks and public spaces.

People’s Places

Weifang has two with very similar names pretty far apart and it took me quite a while to figure out that the one near where my son lived was not the one referred to most of the time.


If I recall correctly (not a 100% sure thing) these are two view of the People’s Square in Qingdao:


Preparing Tian’anmen Square for National Day:


Park Art

Many of the parks have really cool art, and artistic details. Here is a sampling:


People using parks

On weekday mornings, even nice ones you might think that these beautiful parks are like the empty high-rises, waiting for more people to come to fill them. On a sunny day, before work or in the afternoon as people start getting off work, or a nice weekend (especially one with enough wind for kite flying) you can see that this is not true.


Parks are places for exercise, to meet friends, to dance, to fish (F is for Fishing) and, of course to fly kites (K is for Kites).




Shouguang, the city where my son lives now, even though it is considered “rural” or a “fifth tier” city, has really nice parks and a lot of nice art in them. I did some posts about this: A walk along the Mihe River , Fall in Shouguang , and, par for my course, never finished my plans to show even more of the park art in Shouguang. Maybe when I get back from this coming trip I’ll finally finish.

People’s Parks

Even more than the art in parks, I love to see people out enjoying the parks. On weekdays they are often fairly empty, peaceful places. On nicer days there are usually a few people, often children with their grandparents, but on nice days as evening approaches and on the weekends they are busy places.




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