China A to Z: V is for Vegetables

It seems like every city/area/town in China has something that is special to it. In Weifang it’s kites and paper cut art work. In Shouguang it’s vegetables.

Vegetable Expo

The annual “High-Tech International Vegetable Expo” is in full swing right now. It is an event like no other in my experience. Seattle’s Garden show in February is one, not quite comparable event. In Shouguang the displays are made up of vegetables, not flowers. The displays are much, much larger. Also, there are eleven large greenhouses of displays and vendor exhibits.

Some are artful:

Some are more scientific, like this display of plant cloning:

…and this area where they demonstrate vertical systems that could even work in an apartment:

…and this area where they demonstrated aqua culture and integrating it with living spaces:

Some were not really about vegetables, maybe “vegetation”, all-be-it interesting, would be more accurate for this display of desert plants (typical of displays they had for several climates):

…and the orchids:

Vendors ranged from selling candy and toothbrushes, to plants and vegetable, to tractors and irrigation systems.

All in all a rather exhilarating, but also exhausting day.



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