A musing that isn’t amusing

Sex sells. Can we change that?

Here’s why I ask: the very serious news of the past few weeks, and there was more than I could handle of that, was pre-empted Friday by the “breaking news” that there is even more evidence that the Difficult Toddler does’t bother to keep it in his pants and pays people to say he can. This isn’t news, although it is broken, in many ways.

Once again we are distracted, even those of us who don’t want to be, because yawn, he did it with a Playboy model, then tried to bury the story because he might look bad to his “base”* right before the election and not have time to lie his way out of it.

I’d like to be hearing more about the supreme court nominee, what progress has been made at disassembling the appalling situation at the border (and what is being done to make sure it can’t happen again), how Russia works to manipulate elections so that we can guard against it…so many things. Instead it’s Playboy Bunny time again!

*That “moral” group who obviously think “family values” is a deal you get at the local diner, not about honoring relationships and treating your spouse and children with respect.

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