Muddy Paws United

We are “dog people” at family gatherings there are often equal numbers of dogs and people. Our dogs are, mostly, friends with each other as well. I call them Muddy Paws United, Beach Walking Club. This post from last year talks about the friendship between our dogs: Puppy Friends. This year, sadly, my dear friend Sam, passed away in May. She was almost 13 years old and had lymphoma. This post is a bit about that sad time: No Pedigree, just a heart of gold. I had planned to talk more about my dear Sam, but my heart is still tender from her loss. I know that with time I will feel a surge of happiness when I see her picture, but for now it still brings tears. I think my two still half expect to see her when we go over to Dad’s.

Introducing the newest family member: Max, Dad’s new puppy:


She seems to be fitting in pretty well, although she wears the older dogs out pretty quickly. She is a good match color-wise for the older dogs. Here is the new Muddy Paws United:


Hopefully Ginger and Asta will become as good friends with Max as they were with Sam. I still miss Sam but hugging a puppy is good therapy. She has really helped my dad adjust. He got quite depressed during Sam’s illness and was extremely lonely after she was gone.




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