Let us not forget the children

This PBS Newshour article gives the weekly update on the number of children who are still separated from their families. 528, it was 565 last week, and the week before about the same. The judge called it “a very good trajectory”, I’m not sure I agree.

I am afraid that the busy news week has made many forget about the plight of these children. I have even seen people claiming that the situation is reasonable in view of the homicide in Iowa. It is not. The homicide in Iowa was terrible, and my heart is broken for the family, but it should not be used as an excuse for the reprehensible acts of the executive branch of the US government regarding these children and their families.

The standard we should all ( including the first family, Ms. Nielsen, and Mr. Sessions)  use is: what if this was my child or grandchild?

Any progress is good, but we need to remember why we are in this pickle. It comes down to a combination of pure meanness and incompetence.

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