Veni, Vidi, Selfie

It is important to get it right.

I guess selfies are the modern response to “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make any noise”… If I go somewhere and take a beautiful picture how do you know I was there? Maybe I just cruised flikr for that landscape I posted on TubeFace. I did a post about selfies in May called Alone in a Crowd.

In China we have often found that complete strangers like to also document that we were there with them.

Here is my idea of a selfie:

Not only do you see I’m there, you can see I’m tired from trying to see everything. You can see why the Pull up a seat theme resonates with me!

It seems like people are taking fewer selfies than they were…or maybe I just don’t get out much.

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