Pull Up A Seat Photo Challenge-Week 5


Welcome to week 5 of Pull up a Seat. Take a load off and share a favorite perch by linking your post to this one, either with a comment or ping-back. For more detailed directions go to Pull Up a Seat page.

Quick reminder: I am traveling for the next couple of weeks and have limited internet access at times, so will be a little slower than usual approving ping-backs. Please be patient with me.

Thank you to everyone who is participating. It is really fun to see all the different ideas conjured up by the theme.

This gorgeous, but uncomfortable looking, pair of antique Chinese chairs was in the lobby of my hotel in Qingdao. Can you imagine how long it must have taken the maker to do all of the intricate artwork?

Over to you.


22 thoughts on “Pull Up A Seat Photo Challenge-Week 5”

    1. Interesting story. Seems almost like the chair has a personality of its own. Like you said it would be fascinating to know what stories it could tell. Thanks for playing along.


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