Beam me up!

An omen?!? or just a sucker hole?

Seattle Space Needle against a dark gray sky, highlighted by a fast moving sunbeam.
The Seattle Space Needle lit by a sudden sun break.

I haven’t been posting much of late. Life stuff has been dragging me down of late. This tends to result in speechlessness.

A little over a week ago we were coming home from an aborted attempt to go to Costco (the parking lot was, as near as I could figure totally full, which meant that the store would have been unbearable (I have some kind of emotional disorder that can’t handle too much stimulation and crowds are more than I can handle when I am already on edge).

I was driving home, frazzled by both maneuvering the parking lot and the rerouting of familiar patterns due to construction, and my husband was admiring the view, when he suggested that we take a different exit and stop at a tiny park with a view of the city (we live in West Seattle, a peninsula that is across Elliott Bay from downtown Seattle).

The view was grey but we could see a light patch (locally called a sun break, although my husband refers to them as “sucker holes”) moving quickly. It slowly moved across the city highlighting different buildings as it traveled.

Though the needle is iconic Seattle (and today’s Ragtag prompt). I was happy that the sun break managed to make the Smith Tower, for many, many years both an icon of Seattle and the tallest building west of the Mississippi, stand out from among the gloomy gray towers that “progress” has brought us.

Seattle skyline, seen from across Elliott Bay in West Seattle. The Smith Tower is prominent against the gray skies and modern buildings because of a passing sun beam.
The charming and valiant Smith Tower.

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