March Madness, April Sadness?

I’ve been going through a lot on an emotional scale lately. Today, for the first time in all of it, I cried.

The crazy comes with anger and frustration, which helps you stay pulled together (if that is the right word, which is far from certain). The short, simple factual email about the leukemia diagnosis of a dear relative didn’t have back stiffening side emotions and it broke through my well calloused epidermis to the soft tender flesh below.

I have struggled with faith, for a lot of reasons for a while now and yet, when this news came my first response was fervent prayer. I don’t necessarily believe it works, but what else can you do?

2 thoughts on “March Madness, April Sadness?”

  1. So sorry for the sad news. We had similar news about two people in our lives. My friend’s cancer has come back for a third time and it doesn’t look good this time. My husband’s friend’s diagnosis is terminal and it’s just a matter of days or weeks. I know prayer is important to my friend and for that reason I will say a quiet prayer for her and for anyone else who is suffering.

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