Aroma Therapy-Well Kind of

I am not talking about tiny, expensive, breakable bottles of essences that will do miraculous things. I have a fairly sensitive nose and how things smell matters to me. There are a lot of less than pleasant smells in the world.

Here’s are some mundane things I bring along to make things more comfortable.


I put a bar of nice smelling soap (usually lemon verbena or lavender) in a mesh bag in my suitcase to keep it smelling clean and nice. This has the added benefit of making sure that I have soap I can use in case I react badly to the ones available, or if for some reason I am somewhere without it. Even soap with a fairly mild scent can make a surprising difference to the…shall we say…aura of a suitcase. Just make sure you like the smell.

You can also help shoes that need to be freshened up by putting a bit of soap in them for an hour or so.

Instant Coffee

I like the smell of coffee and it is strong enough to cover up a lot of unpleasant odors in a hotel room (or just in general). Especially if you hold it close to your nose. I usually carry instant single serving packets of decaf.


There are many lovely smelling herbal teas and brewing up a cup can make a room smell really nice. Two of my favorites for making things smell nice are Constant Comment, which smells of oranges and spices, and peppermint.

Over to you:

  • Do smells affect your comfort?
  • When traveling are there things you do to make things smell better?

5 thoughts on “Aroma Therapy-Well Kind of”

  1. I’m not someone particularly bothered by smells unless they’re particularly foul. Someone with too much cologne or perfume is a little annoying but dealing with that is part of city life.

    I will say that since the legalization of cannabis in Canada I’ve been shocked at how bad so many people and places smell – to me it’s worse than folks who smell like cigarettes. But then I grew up in a house where both parents smoked a lot and often *I* smelled like cigarettes even as a child so it’s something I’m more used to.

    As for when I’m traveling – there’s nothing that I do. If where I am smells bad I find somewhere else to be.

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    1. I have always thought that cannabis smells awful. I could tell from a long way off if someone was using it.
      Smell is funny, it bothers some people and not others. My dad doesn’t notice smells much that bother my husband and I.

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    1. Not sure I’d want to travel with bacon. It might attract too much attention of the canine kind. But it would mask the “this used to be a smoking room” smell you so often get in hotel rooms.

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