In my theme reveal, I revealed that I am not an athlete. I walk a fair amount and Seattle has hills so my legs are okay, however, my upper body is softer and I have a tendency to get a pain in my back if I carry an unbalanced load.

I try to work out before I travel so I am fit enough to handle a moderate activity level, and manage my suitcases.

Elastic Resistance Band for Upper Body

A trusty friend for staying strong on the road.

For the later, I have found that it is helpful to use an elastic exercise band both ahead of time to get fit and during travel to keep my upper body fit enough that I am more likely to be able to do anything I want and less likely to injure myself carrying a large jug of water or heaving my suitcase into or out of an overhead bin on the plane or train.

I like the band because I can make it as easy or difficult as I feel like, which makes me more likely to actually do it. I have put together a set of six quick exercises and do 10 to 12 reps each.

Here are my exercises:

(Obviously my animation efforts still need work, but Friday approaches)

These aren’t the only possibilities. There are more exercises for resistance bands out on the internet than you can count, and I think the selection has to be something one is comfortable doing, or, if you’re like me, it will make it too easy to procrastinate. I learned the ones I use from a Walk at Home DVD program.

Squats to prepare for…well if you’ve been to Asia (or Africa) you know.

I also do squats for a month before traveling to places with “squatty potties”. I do five or so every time I go to the bathroom, or think about it.

I had a scary incident one time at the Beijing South Train station. I had worn my backpack into the facility, and things were taking a while. My knees started to bend deeper and deeper. I wasn’t at all sure that they could bend that far or how I was going to straighten them. Upon looking at the floor and sizing it up for a push up, I was suddenly motivated to not touch it so strongly that , with my thighs on fire, I erected myself. After that I always strengthen my legs before heading out.

Are there exercises that you use to prepare for the rigors of travel?

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