Go Out Every Day

I am an extreme introvert and sometimes I really want to just hibernate. I let myself take it easy but, unless I am ill, I always go out at least once. Here are some simple outings that you can do anywhere, even when you don’t feel up to much. They aren’t about mind-bending scenery or tourism, just being where you are.

A walk in the park.

A trip to the grocery store for water or snacks.

A stop at the corner store or market for fruit.

Just walking around and trying to figure out which Chinese characters (or what-ever the language is where you are) I recognize on signs.

When we went walking in France with my son (in the days before digital cameras-he was 12), after we settled for the day I would send him out to scout restaurants as language practice (I stayed within sight, but let him do it on his own). Since he decided where we ate he was quite amenable to trying new things. Turned out he really likes duck.

I have had some great experiences, and many, many tiny cups of tea, as a result of just going out, without a detailed agenda.

5 thoughts on “Go Out Every Day”

    1. Same for me. I prepare a daily task list for things to do and there is always an item for going outside on it. Sometimes it comes naturally (like today: I’m about to go grocery shopping) but other times I have to actively choose to go outside. This is especially important for freelancers like me who work from home. It’s easy with a full fridge, to just stay indoors all the time for days on end.

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      1. Thanks for commenting on my comment, Todd. Just got home after a couple of hours out and about. Now I’m quite happy to spend the rest of the day at home, playing my piano and reading. I’ve had my fix of people watching. 😅

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