I am not a picky eater…or at least I don’t see myself as one. As the chief cook and bottle washer at home I get to chose what food is in the house and how it is prepared so my assessment doesn’t get challenged much, except when I am traveling.

I try to be not picky, and always point out that I did eat a spicy fried cicada one time, just to be polite, it wasn’t that bad. But sometimes you aren’t awake yet and suddenly realize that what you thought was orzo pasta has eyes, and you just aren’t up for the adventure.

Getting adequate nutrition is important for staying healthy, and it is also critical to keeping a positive attitude and sharp wits. Having snacks that you like, with protein and complex carbohydrates, on hand at all times is a good idea in case you find yourself far from sustenance for some reason.

I take a two pronged approach. I bring some foods from home, and I keep an eye out for snacks with local flavors that have good nutritional value to add to my snack stash.

From home

Homemade Trail Mix

A jar of homemade trail mix with Mount Rainier in the background.
Perfect breakfast.

I make my own trail mix using foods that I like: Joe’s O’s (Cheerios) dried cherries and apricots, hazel nuts or almonds and some dark chocolate M & Ms. I carry it in a Nalgene water bottle to keep it from grinding to dust in my suitcase.

Granola or Energy Bars

I also carry a few granola bars. They tend to get rather smushed in a suitcase. But if your hands aren’t unduly clean you can eat a granola bar without touching it. I tend to read a lot of labels before selecting a bar, since many granola bars are basically just candy bars and I am looking for protein and fiber, not a sugar rush (inevitably followed by a crash).

Note: Remember to check local regulations about importing foods before you pack your snack bag. Fresh fruits and vegetables are usually no-nos, but dried and processed (like fruit leather) are usually okay, at least in the places I go.

Locally obtained

Searching out snacks can be a fun quest. I generally look for nuts, bread (flat bread), fruits and vegetables. I try to stay away from very fatty (deep fried) and things that are very salty or sugary.

Wash your fruits and veggies: remember that the rules and regulations about pesticides vary. Always wash fruit you do not peel (I usually also wash fruit I do peel, to clean my hands before eating them).

How do you find foods when traveling? Are there things you bring along?

5 thoughts on “Nutrition”

    1. I am not sure why anyone buys it. In the commercial mixes there always seems to be one or other ingredient that I don’t prefer…or that disagrees with my digestive system (raisins for me).

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  1. i also travel with my own food, i have stomach issues and am careful what I eat, i bring along nuts, and protein bars just in case there is a meal that i really can’t eat, at least I have something to nibble on until i find something that won’t disrupt my digestion.

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