Karst hills, a little misty, are covered with verdant vegetation. Guilin, China.

Rainy season on the Li River

The upside of the grey, rainy season is that it brings with it lush vegetation. Rain was the dominant weather for us on our recent trip to Guilin in China.

Guilin is both a city and a region, kind of like LA is both a city and an area. One of the “must dos” of the area is a boat trip down the Li River. This is the area which inspires much of Chinese painting with its dramatic landscape of karst rock formations. While our skies were not sunny it didn’t rain much and we had nice views of the karst (apparently the next day they were not so lucky).

The river was high and, as a result, the water was rather brown, the skies were light gray, mostly without interesting clouds, but no complaints about the lovely variety of greens on the verdant countryside.

For Ragtag Daily Prompt: Verdant

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