A few rainy days in Guilin China-Day 1

A highlight of our trip to China in April and May was a side trip to Guilin.

The claim to fame of the area is the karst hills, which peek-a-boo at you from every direction.

Naturally on arriving we headed out to check out the area. We were staying across the street from the parks that surround the lakes in an older area. As it was a holiday there were lots of folks about doing the same, some in Han dynasty dress.

Our explorations took us from late afternoon through a gently lovely evening until dark.

13 thoughts on “A few rainy days in Guilin China-Day 1”

  1. Enjoyed each photo – like that sign – “enjoy beautiful scene” and in the second to last photo – I zoomed in and wow – the man to the very back was a bonus 😉

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  2. Wonderful photos. Far better than ours. I was so keen to go to Guilin but our Peregrine Tour had cut it out of the itinerary. So we went a few days early on our own, rode bicycles around the area, saw the performance on the lake and went rafting down the river. We stayed in a very authentically Chinese guest house. The whole experience was wonderful.

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    1. Sounds like you had a great trip. More active than ours, but we had an awful lot of rain at times so I am not sure I’d want to bicycle in a downpour. I really want to return.


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