9 thoughts on “à chacun son goût”

  1. This looks like a species of Pompild Wasp. These wasps are spider hunters and also visit certain plants that have specialized pollination systems specifically to attract them. Maybe this is what the wasp is doing?
    Nice photos.

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    1. Thank you for the information. We were a bit puzzled since we’ve not seen wasps go for flowers and these ones are all over the leeks, but not other plants in the garden. This is our first time growing leeks.


      1. My pleasure.
        We have Pompilid Wasps in our garden. They have a nasty sting so be wary.
        I live in Johannesburg. They attack the large Rain Spider, sting it, paralyze it and lay an egg on it.
        Quite gruesome, I’m afraid.

        I have seen Pompilids on a few plants but was unaware that certain plants target these wasps specifically as pollinators.
        All Hail Google!

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