Big seagulls

Two views of a sculpture on the waterfront of Seattle, of Ivar Hagland, a local character who was real and larger than life. Ironically the seagulls in this sculpture are larger than life and Ivar is pretty close to life size. Of course gulls feel bigger than they are when coming at you for left-over french fries.

For Mind over memory’s Sculpture Saturday.

3 thoughts on “Big seagulls”

  1. Those are definitely big gulls, where I visit in Florida they steal ice cream instead of fries which is possibly the most disappointing thing when it happens. Great photos 😀

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  2. what a great artistic idea to make the birds so large – and they sure do feel ginormous when coming at us –
    also the three photos you give us allow us to feel the etching and lines in the sculpture – enjoyed this

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