Another year over…

2019 was not a good year, and it ended poorly

I’ve been rather inactive for the last month. I can’t seem to keep up and when I don’t keep up the vast number of posts coming out every day (honestly I do not know how people manage to post everyday) make catching up in the time available impossible. So if I missed your brilliant holiday posts I apologize.

Life has been going on. When stuff happens (do you ever feel like shouting “it didn’t ‘happen’, you did it!” to someone?) I always wind up silenced for a while. It’s kind of like when you fall and it takes a moment to figure out if you are alright or not, then get back up. If you don’t pause a bit before you get back up your legs can’t hold you.

…but it wasn’t all bad

I feel like I saw many beautiful things and learned a lot last year (notice my leprechaun animated GIF?).

A great thing about photography as a hobby is being able to go back through the archives for a year and see how much happened that was beautiful and good. I feel like holding onto the good and beautiful is critical to staying as close to sane as I can manage.

Will 2020 be a year of perfect vision?

Right now I have a fear that I may see perfectly a lot of bad stuff happening.

Here’s hoping I am wrong!

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