Battered and splattered…but still blooming

In the On the Hunt for Joy challenge, the first challenge is to go outside. Today that has very little appeal, it is much more of a curl up by the fire with the pets and drink hot drinks kind of day. Gray, chilly, breezy, rainy and gray. We did get a few, fleeting, sun rays so I popped out and took a couple of pictures.

The sky, taken from just outside my front door today:

Winter clouds.
Today is so gray that the photo almost looks like a black and white…but wait, isn’t that thin spot almost blue?

And my favorite rose just won’t give up and call it a year:

A rose in winter.
Not a perfect specimen, but it has charm…and stamina.

Walking is not an option for me, the dogs insist on at least two a day, and have an active lobby for three. Many, if not most, of the photos I take are on walks with the dogs. These walks, though on nasty days like today sometimes feel like they are a very time consuming chore, help me keep on an even keel emotionally and maintain a sense that the world is a beautiful place, even when things aren’t going so well.

Walking is a family affair. The dogs have a "no dog left behind" policy.
The K9 Lobbyists at work.

3 thoughts on “Battered and splattered…but still blooming”

  1. Good on you for searching for joy in dismal weather. You’re right about walking being good for you – 20 minutes where you increase your heart rate also increases your endorphin emission (feel good hormone)


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