Which way to Paradise? It’s a loop trail!

Here are a few photos from a walk we took round trip from Paradise Bay on Urupukapuka Island for Alive and Trekking’s Which Way Challenge. I wish I could also share with you the smell of the air, the bush had a sweet smell, and the singing of the birds, and the warmth of the air with a cool breeze for balance…

Another “way”

Heading out for a glorious day on the Bay of Islands, aboard the good ship R. Tucker Thompson.
Come sail away!

This walk was a break in the midst of our favorite day of the trip: our sail aboard the good ship R. Tucker Thompson, a two masted schooner. If you ever get the chance this is great, relaxing way to spend a vacation day.

The captain heading in to pick us up after our walk.

I’ve been going through the many photos I took on our recent vacation to New Zealand. My idea was to put together a travel-log or things to see in the Bay of Islands, but I can’t seem to get organized to cull photos and pull that together…at least not yet. For now I’m taking baby steps sharing a few here and there. Maybe there are just too many pictures…or maybe it is too soon to let them go, I can still smell the woods and feel the warmth when I look at them. It’s like hoarding a bit of summer to get me through to spring.

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