Happy spring

Spring is a time of new life. Both Easter and Passover are celebrations of that.

These days the exuberant, lush new life of spring feels a bit awkward. We are living under an unseen, often deadly, cloud, but the sun is shining. We are feeling threatened and uncertain, yet the trees are leafing out, and spring flowers are blooming, including the blossoms of fruit trees, promising a harvest to come, just like usual.

The challenge of this spring is to be patient and careful, and also to appreciate the beauty. Stay safe, but be happy also.

Photos and wishes for you to have a happy spring.

4 thoughts on “Happy spring”

  1. Happy Easter to you too. It’s Autumn here but the weather is gorgeous. It is actually the best time of the year where I live. Warm sunny days and cool nights. Maybe when spring arrives here there will be an end in sight to the isolation and loss which surrounds us.

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