Appropriate technology

What is it?

I asked my husband to make me a cell phone prop for long video calls. I had envisioned, and even hinted, that using some of the nice scrap wood in the garage was a nice idea. Thinking elegance…

He used a cottage cheese carton. The upside is that it’s done and it works.

So is he an oddball? a genius? both?

For Kammie’s Oddball Photo Challenge.

14 thoughts on “Appropriate technology”

  1. Haha oh dear. He fulfilled a lot of design parameters – it’s effective, recyclable, low-cost, easy to use. However, it does seem to fail the aesthetics test. It’s a good first-iteration, but for something you want to use long-term perhaps he has ideas on how the design could be further improved? I really enjoyed this – thanks for sharing!

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