Bee’s point of view

Close-up of a honey bee on a sunflower. Another bee, on the edge of the photo, is flying in to join it.
I wonder what the bee sees.

Seeing things in black and white

Sometimes it is interesting to take a look at a picture without color to see what grabs your eye. I’m continuing my exploration of black and white. Never thought something that sounds so simple could be so complicated.

With color removed, a black and white of the image above allows the textures to really shine.

Does the black and white change your perspective of the photo?

For Becky of Winchester’s July Squares: perspective, and Cee’s Flower of the Day.

14 thoughts on “Bee’s point of view”

  1. This gave me pause to contemplate what it means to ‘see things in black and white’ as the expression goes. The richness of the colour is lost is but the detail remains.

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    1. I have been exploring black and white for a while now. Often I turn a photo to black and white even when I plan to publish it in color because it makes me see things I don’t notice, especially when colors are vibrant.
      Of course black and white is really about shades of gray, just like in life.


  2. The black and white one does change my perspective in the photo – and it was fun to compare the two
    – the colored photo has that grandeur feeling and a sense of height with the blue sky and even warmth and joy.
    In contrast – the mono photo is all
    Flower and the center of the flower has a glossy part that leads us to the bee on the left –

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  3. As a graphic artist, these 2 views change completely. The color pops and draws your eye to the flower and the monochrome draws my eye to the sky. It’s almost 3D in black & white! Incredible photo in both varieties! 😊

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